Battle of Sentinum, 295 BC - Clash of the Five Nations ⚔️ Third Samnite War (Part 2) ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY 

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Alice Bokka
The fact that fabius lost only 1700 men show's how much of a cool headed and brilliant commander he was.
Ali Osman
What a systematic war machine Rome was always fascinates me at the core... Incredible leadership and devoutness to the cause...
Isaak McDuffie
Honestly just a masterpiece of historical content
Byron Waldron
Hi all. I researched and co-wrote the video. Happy to answer questions. Here are some extra tidbits:
Thib 's
The wolf passing through the ranks part is so amazing. Imagine how high would be their spirit at this moment.
john pijano
Really, I love how consistent your work is. Quality documentaries in quick succession is something one cannot take for granted love your work.
I think I smell a devotio. Great series. So little stuff on this era of Roman history. Polybius only glazes over this time. Outstanding! Cheers from Tennessee.
Ethan Steele
My wife and I have been bingeing your videos lately, so we thought we would just give a small thank you to you. Thanks for teaching us something new all the time.
Blaine Kirkpatrick
Love the dramatic flair and narration. Keep up the amazing work❤️ Is the Hannibal series still being worked on?
"I rather die than walk under the yoke" something I told my friends that they didn't understand. The Devotio was the ultimate moral booster.
Peru Amorrortu Barrenetxea
I love the quality of the drawn battle scene animations, they give a very authentic touch. Keep up the good work!
Artur Vendruscolo
I found it amazing that Roma could rally such large armies at the time.
Google User
This is my favorite KZlife channel. This content is absolute gold. Thankyou so much! Really appreciate the amount of work this must take. Thankyou 👍
i love this channel, every video is better than the prior, the art the maps and the graphics are always improving, i'm fascinated with just watching at the maps already
I do enjoy pre-caesar roman content, so keep it up :)
Vitor Pereira 🇺🇦
"I carry before me terror, rout, carnage, blood and the wrath of all the gods, those above and below! I will infect the standards, the armor, the weapons of the enemy with dire and manifold death! The place of my destruction shall also witness that of the Gauls and Samnites!"
very high quality documentary, keep up the amazing work
Un utilisateur
Great video as the others. Love your work.
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