SIMON COWELL Ranks TOP 3 Golden Buzzer Moments in AGT History! 

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What's Poppin'?
Simon Cowell sits down with Terry Crews to go through some of his favourite Golden Buzzer in AGT history. You can watch his TOP 3 pick here!



2022 ж. 21 Шіл.





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100% agree with Simon's choice for #1 golden buzzer. Jane was, and continues to be, an inspiration around the world
Internet People
Nightbirde was an advanced soul who came down to inspire countless souls. Once mission accomplished, she headed back home.
Stormy Samuel
I've always wondered why people didn't like Simon and his judging. He's a pro, honest, and knows REAL talent. I've always liked all these things about him.
Lynn Vanderhoof
It was exquisite to watch Simon and Terry review these most special Golden Buzzer moments and relive what they experienced. These three are extraordinary choices. Thank you!
Judy Frix
Cody Lee was awesome from the first key on the piano and voice sung out til the end!!! What talent!! Darci Lynne at 12 yrs. old with that kind of voice control, humor and talent she blew me away! Nightbirde was such a beautiful young lady with such a pure and joyful soul and voice may she rest in peace.
I have watched these golden buzzer moments numerous times but Nightbirde was someone special. In the midst of covid, and my personal life circumstances at the time, what she said about choosing happiness in those times resonated with me and changes my perspective. It was a sad loss. I was looking forward to seeing her sing again. I went onto iTunes and bought “It’s alright” so I could listen to it in my down moments. I live in Australia which shows her song has touched people around the world. Those few moments on AGT are a lasting legacy of which her family can be very proud.
In a society where everyone seems to constantly want to be a victim because they're starved for attention and then here comes Nightbirde and made such a positive difference by refusing to be a victim. We need more people like her in this world.
samuel dwarika
But putting emotions aside, the one with the most talent is Darci Lynn. With that voice and to carry those notes to that height without opening your mouth is real talent. How many people can do that?
Jane: "I'm so much more than the bad things that happen to me" and "You can't wait till life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy". The first time I saw her audition, I wrote those words down and stuck them up on my wall. I have this song on a playlist I listen to weekly and cry every single time. She touched so many people.
Analice Amaro
Eu amo o fato desse programa ter “amolecido” muito o coração do Simon.
Robert Theron
You can really see Simon's genuine affection and admiration for jane, it's almost like a father watching his daughter and you can see how crushed he is that she passed away. In a world of negativity Nightbirde was and is, a shining example of positivity, perseverance, and hope for all those struggling, that no matter how bad things seem, no matter how hard things get, never give up. rest sweet angel.
Eric Sainte
Jane really changed things for me. I became partially paralysed from the knees down due to a back injury last year and her audition made me realise that life was not over, just starting a new chapter of it. Now, I am happier and learned to make do with what I have and to overcome even some of my limitations. In a way, she saved me from despair and gave me the strength to carry on ! I will never forget her and what she taught me !
Leo Olafsson
It is so beautiful to see these two strong men cry, show emotions, it is so inspiring that the world might actually be going into the right direction. Thanks to all of the people in AGT. :)
Cathy Snow
Just watching Terry and Simon talk about Jane aka Nightbird, you can see both men are holding back their emotions. Nightbird has not only left such an amazing vibe / personality/ and a positive impact with these men, but with everyone who watched her sing. Including myself. When l am feeling down, l listen to this particular song. Such a beautiful young lady taken so soon. Now the angels are singing with her.
Andrea Valentina Gutierrez Aravena
Gracias Jane por tener la oportunidad de escuchar tu gran lección al mundo, descansa en Paz 🌹♥️
Probably agree with most of them, Simon is such a pure soul, maybe sometimes doesn't act like it, but I love him.
Crow Blair
I sooo love Nightbirde. I have never been able to watch her without crying. At 67 years of age, a tough former Marine and retired logger, she is everything my soul needs to balance out and remember what it’s all about. She is as Subway Breeze said, “an advanced soul who came down to inspire”.
Geeta Seewoogolam
Huge respect for you Simon for your choice and for giving Nghtbird the Golden buzzer
Simon's comment about Darci Lynn "impossible to sing without opening your mouth" got amplified when on the AGT Champions show she sang Italian Opera - through the rabbit.
David C
Awesome inspiring and profound performances. Nightbirde God rest her soul truly touched my heart as well. Fantastic choices. Where the heck are my tissues. "I feel like I am watching an angel" Darn well said about Jane Terry... well said.
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