We Made 3D Body Painting!  

Wood Mood
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2022 ж. 25 Қар.





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Bro why is the cameraman so energetic, he had red bull or some shit?
The camara men be like: 📷
the camera man gave me a hard time tryna see what happening 💀
there was absolutely no reason to paint on her 😭💀
“how much do u want to look like a zebr-“
Bro how can I watch this without throwing up. Why do you have to move the camera that much 😭💀
i got a seizure watching this 💀💀
I had to watch this 15 times to process what's going on 💀💀💀
painter:*starts painting her*
Wouldn’t this have worked just as well by just drawing her silhouette first.
The fact that I was assigned to do the exact same thing in kindergarten 💀 (not our whole body but just our hand)
“Hey can you do this tiktok with me?”
The energy we’ve created in studio is killing me today
I swear I did this with my hand in 5th grade for a stupid art project, this is taking to the next level, A WHOLE HUMAN
Imagine if the girl said she needed to go to the bathroom while she was being taped-
This was one of the most painful things I’ve watched
k first of all, this is the easiest thing you could do. I did this when I was in 3rd grade for an art project 💀💀
“ hey dude I payed you to be a camera man not a fly “ 😭😭
How to make something viral lesson 101. Make simple stuff difficult and keep people wondering what next
"Oh I don't need to pain her there is no point"